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During his early years in South Beach and being somewhat a creature of habit, Mark often found himself traveling to the same places every day for lunch. One of his favorite destinations was the Pollo Tropical which was in near proximity to the Morton Towers apartment complex. It was during these daily outings that he began to notice the remodeling and reconstruction of the apartment complex into what is now known as the Flamingo Towers Apartments. The construction of these concrete towering flanges against the backdrop of the original towers brought into view an attempt by architects to create a bold juxtaposition of the old with the new. These images are mostly from Polaroids. In a simple graphic way, they seem to tell a story about South Beach’s transformation.​

Sunset Papillon

11 Flamingo Construction_edited.jpg
12 Flamingo Construction__edited.jpg

Windows Green

Window (Green) (Architecture)_edited.jpg

Windows Pink

Window (Pink) (Architecture)_edited_edit

Flamingo Construction #10

10 Flamingo Construction__edited.jpg
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